Sunday, September 28, 2014

The deluge

How can you write about something that so profoundly affects your life. It is like writing about something that hasn't happened yet or like something that has happened , but isn't understood . The blankness of emotion mustn't be misunderstood. It is like the deluge of muddy water has carried away all superficial emotions and just left a deep ache behind .
Is a flood natures way of cleansing you or punishing you ? I do not believe that nature knows punishment but it does know how to cleanse itself , and in cleansing itself it also teaches . What a great teacher nature is . It does not need words . It does not need books . This teacher teaches through floods , earthquakes ,rain and snow . It teaches through volcanoes, hurricanes, glacial meltdown and tsunamis. It expresses through forest fires and dwindling wildlife . It teaches through the harsh words of a disrupted ecosystem . It teaches through death and altered life . It teaches through mutation and creation .
It teaches through all the senses and addresses its teachings to the responsible and the irresponsible in equal measure . It does not discriminate in its knowledge and its expression . It is fair and evaluates fairly . In very simple terms it says ' I am nature ,and I am like the truth. I am a reflection of you and your actions and I cannot be denied '.............

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