Monday, December 17, 2012

Lament of the old basket seller
Why does this city
not recognise me anymore ,
the stones of the sidewalks
know me
and my step,
the birds ....
know my voice
and the seasons
time me  yet ,
but , you
who do not 
buy my baskets
anymore ....
do you not know me ?
or hear my cry ....
I make the same baskets
that I have been
for centuries .....
same , since always 
if I never changed
why did you ?

Monday, December 3, 2012

Winter's end

Beneath the blanket of the snow
life sleeps soundly , to wake an grow
and the now cold bird with the forlorn eye
is soon to sing,  for the summer's nigh .
The ice on the dal will sink and mix
with the warm undercurrent upto old tricks ,
and the birds migratory will say good bye
"only till the new winter then back we fly "
And you and I will love again
for the call of the spring does invite sweet pain,
and look in the brooks for a vision new
and seek again the warmth that winter slew ..... 


Thursday, October 4, 2012


Mai nay dhoonda hai tumhain
apnee tanhayee mai ,
toot kay chaha hai tumhain,
khud is  talash mai
kho kar ,
kis kis ki peshanee pai
teri ek jhalak
dekhnay kay liyey
jhuki nazrain utha lein
har chehrey ki taraf ,
kayee sang e meel
tai kiyey
aur talash bhi  thak gayee
teri talash mai ,
har sang e meel
ko ek nayee shuruaat keh kay
thakee nazar ko
behla liya ...
mil bhi jao
agar ho ... aur agar nahee ho to
phir bhee
yehi keh do ki tum nahee ho ........
aur meri thakee see nazar
 ek umr kay baad
aakhir so jayey .....


Wednesday, September 26, 2012


My homeland
like the beautiful face
of poverty ,
in tattered clothes
like a young girl
lovely in her youth
with no pretty clothes to wear
unkempt hair
whose guardians
care not for her beauty
and her face unwashed and dirty
cannot hide the beauty of her shining eyes
and the darkness of her tresses ,
with work worn hands
yet youthful and soft
questions those who love her ...
why have you forsaken me ?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

tum aana bus tum ...

mujhay kya lena duniya sey
meri mayyat pay tum aana
bus tum
zara si mitti apnay haathon may
lay kar meri qabr
pur noor banana
tum aana bus tum ..
mujhay kya lena duniya sey ,
us lamhay merey paas baith kar
meri aakhri saans may apna naam
sun kay ,  ansoo roak lena ,
aur muskurana
tum aana bus tum ....

Sunday, April 15, 2012

tumhain bhooleingay

Na tum ko dil pay laylaingay
na ansoo say sajayengay ,
bus ek hadisa thay tum ,
yahee sochaingay, bhoolaingay......

... tujhay pholoon mai dhondayngay
na sawan mai talashaingay,
na toofani ghataoon ki
hawaoon mai pukaraingay ,

tera woh ghar jo main nay dil kay
aangan mai banaya tha ,
woh ghar jo muskurahat say
baharoon say sajaya tha ,

akaylee see ,veraan see is imarat
ko mita daingay ,
yeh paani mai baha deingay
hawa ko saump dalaingay ,

Na tum ko dil pay laylaingay
na ansoo say sajayengay ,
bus ek hadisa thay tum ,
yahee sochaingay, bhoolaingay........

Saturday, April 14, 2012


chalo phir aaj hijrat ho hee jayey
na ashinaee sey qurbat ho he jayey ,
puranay buth  gira dain buthkaday kay
haram mai phir karamat ho he jayey .....

chalain phir hum bhi UUN S.A.W ki reh guzar pey
zamanay sey bagawat ho he jayey ,
yeh haq ki baat pay humgama hai kyu ,
phir elaan e sadaqat ho he jayey ....