Saturday, October 8, 2011

Loves mercy

A life of love is but to live , the rest will perish away
love binds the moon to the sky and stars to your eyes ....
the sun in your tresses like golden laughter, clings and sways ...
and I smile in delight .... a life without love ?
Death procastinates...mesmerised
merry is the dance of love ,
all encompassing ......
Was iblis afraid to share Gods love with Adam .....?
Will my beloved forget me ?
and will i forget to love ?
he thinks , and shudders
I will destroy love itself , but will not share .
And weapons were forged .
The dizzy reality.... love is indestructible ,
despair is its nourishment and attainment its nemisis ,
i would travel fall and rise again ,
the sweetest journey is that travelled with bleeding feet
i will not accept soothing words or pleasentaries
i would thrive in tempests and rain ....
Give me a life of pain and want
I pray for unkept promises and stolen moments
I pray for an unrealised sight of your face
do not smile at me ....
do not say i love you .....

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