Saturday, October 2, 2010

Who Am I ?

I forgot who i was, yesterday . For a split second i was like a mirror which had just been created and had not reflected any image .... It occured to me , after this eternity of a split second had passed ,that , it was a feeling of such profound peace , the not knowing who I was , not understanding what was previously so easy to understand . I wish i could have prolonged this moment forever , but it was fleeting, like all the wonderful things in life .
It set me thinking ... what if we could wash off the years of our lives off our lives ... and start with emptiness ,a vaccume or just as that virgin mirror that I became in that moment . Are our experiences a burden on our souls or are they essential in shaping the soul into something worthwhile . Or do they have any effect on the soul at all .
What do u mean to the universe and yourself ...... and is what you will be encoded in your genes in some kind of a physical manifestation of a code of destiny ......
I would like to someday, be able to clean myself like a slate and start writing once again .

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