Thursday, October 28, 2010

From a farmers desk

I entered the brand new district office building of the horticulture department .Shining white walls and white marble on the floor , it smelled of prosperity and paint . I had been invited by a friend to discuss the advantages of organic farming an issue very close to my heart and hence my quick presence for this meeting .
I was asked to sit in an adjacent room as there seemed to be an urgency in the air , probably a deadline needed to be met . Soon a cup of tea and the eternal krackjack biscuit materialised . I looked towards the face of the old man who got the tea to thank him , and something in his face made me look again .
He had an air of a person who laughed much, because his eyes seemed to make jokes as he looked at me . Then he smiled and rarely have I seen a smile like his .It was a smile of calm wisdom and had that wonderful sunny earthiness that reminded one of better times .
Well i wanted to dwell for a while inside his mind so i provoked him by saying " I think that people take subsidies and dont utilize them properly ".
This really got him started . After discussing dishonest farmers for a while ,I told him that the dry spell had destroyed apple orchards all the over the valley , he agreed and said that his neighbour had a cherry farm and the average weight of the cherries was 35 grammes each and they were special , but this whole wonderful patch of fruit was destroyed by the dry spell .
Then he came close to me and said "Dr sahib do you why it really happened ?" I asked why his reply astounded me .... He said its all because of the birds . I said what ? He said " Do you know that the farmers had the best quality of grapes in the world in kashmir ? And the produce used to be so bountiful that it used to be distributed nationally ."I said that i know it is so . He said " Have you seen any grapes in the market lately ? " I said that i hadnt seen the wonderful seedless variety anywhere . He said " Do you know its all because of the bulbul bird ." I said it must have destroyed the crop . He said " No no thats not so ... its because the bulbul used to feed on the grapes and the farmers covered the grapes with a net according to modern agricultural practices , So the bulbul couldnt feed .And ALLAH took away his bountiful affection because we stopped looking after this little bird ..........

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Who Am I ?

I forgot who i was, yesterday . For a split second i was like a mirror which had just been created and had not reflected any image .... It occured to me , after this eternity of a split second had passed ,that , it was a feeling of such profound peace , the not knowing who I was , not understanding what was previously so easy to understand . I wish i could have prolonged this moment forever , but it was fleeting, like all the wonderful things in life .
It set me thinking ... what if we could wash off the years of our lives off our lives ... and start with emptiness ,a vaccume or just as that virgin mirror that I became in that moment . Are our experiences a burden on our souls or are they essential in shaping the soul into something worthwhile . Or do they have any effect on the soul at all .
What do u mean to the universe and yourself ...... and is what you will be encoded in your genes in some kind of a physical manifestation of a code of destiny ......
I would like to someday, be able to clean myself like a slate and start writing once again .