Thursday, September 30, 2010

Grammar and spellings on facebook

People !!! its high time we all understand the importance of writing a language properly , presuming that we have all gone to school ....some of the spellings and grammar has me in splits ..... when a word like "presume" is written as "porsume" with a hyphen and me thinking that my friend has had a crash course in french ....and when someone wrote u must be  a joke instead of writing you  must be joking ..... what can one say .... the last one resulted in a very respectable doctor telling me that his OPD suffered immensely because he couldnt stop laughing and was sure that none of his patients would ever take him seriously again . Please understand that your language has started affecting safety in hospitals   :) .
                                                Its stunning how singulars become plurals like "how does he support that" becomes "how does he supports that"..... And unbelievablely some one just said " In which womens chastity will be prevented "...... I rest my case .....